Bluetooth connection

Can anyone help me regarding Bluetooth connectivity, sure i heard it’s possible to connect device to the cd port on back of radio can anyone clarify this and if possible part number of device, thanks for all help in advance



Try JagDroid. Ben does 2 “kits”, or 3 if you go the DIY route.

You’ll know what I mean when you view the web site.

There’s also JagAux.

Think about adding your model and model year to your signature. At the moment, we don’t know what you have so it’s harder to give advice.

I have a 1995 x300 Sovereign and want to keep original radio cassette cd changer are there any kits I can connect to back of unit keeping everything neat ant tidy

If you have a CD changer in the trunk, and don’t mind unplugging it, this is an excellent product:

It plugs in to back of OEM stereo in place of CD changer. They your phone connects to it with Bluetooth.

Thank you just what I am looking for