Body processor unit bpu

Have a problem with my BPU - does anyone know if the LNA2500AA is the same as the LNA2500BB unit? Also anyone anywhere in the world who knows how to program these units… I can buy one on Ebay but don’t know if it was working before being pulled or not…

Appreciate any help -realize this is pretty obscure but had to ask…
Rest of the car is fine.


If you find it in here, it should tell you if BB is compatable, just newer than yours, or different.

At least the ones of ebay are programmed, so you should get most of the functionality out of it

What country are you in?

BB seams to be an acceptable replacement for AA form what I see here

Do you know if the country has to match…? I have a US car didn’t have the code sheet in the trunk but If I get a module from UK will it work?

Appreciate the response although they didn’t seem to have the part…


Thanks again missed that listing… I’ll try and get a message to the parts company and see what they say.


That place in the main the Jaguar parts. At £500 be glad they don’t have stock.

The link was more to show the comparability.

If you see an arrow doing down they are compatible

The right hand drive and left hand drive may cause you an issue.

I assume you don’t always need headlights on