Bonding to Koolmat

It appears Jag made liberal use of glue in the toe box and forward/upper drive tunnel areas.

I am in the process of covering these areas with Koolmat. The question is, how to effectively bond to the silicone rubber that is Koolmat. I have tried Weldwood original contact cement and some of the lighter duty 3M products (like Spraymount 77). Neither bond at all and pull away completely clean.

What have others used? Silicone caulk perhaps?

Rick OBrien
65 FHC in FL

Silicone calk will stick to the Koolmat but not as much to the felt/carpet. From Chris Vine’s excellent website:
" Since then I’d found that Loctite produce a silicone surface preparation fluid (Loctite 770) which enables the ‘superglue’ Cyanoacrylate family of adhesives to bond to it. The combination of Loctite 770 & Loctite 406 superglue provided a very good bond and was used to secure the overlapping vinyl and Ambla to the grey Koolmat."

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Thanks. And thanks for the headsup re: the Chris Vine site. I was not familiar with it.