Bonnet/Hood (85 XJ6)

I cannot get the front left side of the bonnet/hood of my “new” 85 XJ6 to go further enough down to line up with the fender. It’s awful when I raise the hood and lower it down normally. It’s about an inch too high. If I push down hard on that that left corner, it will down to maybe to 1/2 inch from being lined up with the fender. It will NOT go down further. The metal plate where the 3 bolts go through is perfect metal with no rust. I just can’t figure out how to get it to align up as I don’t see how there can more adjustment. The right side is good. Looking under the car, there seems to be no adjustment to “arm” that holds the hood (and the attachment bolts).




I hope I understand your problem correctly…
You have to adjust the hinge at the bottom, where it attaches to the bumper bracket and chassis.
However, it’s a real PITA to access those screws…



Thanks for trying to help!

I have adjusted the 3 screws (pic) so the bonnet is as low as it will go down. When I open the bonnet, there is about a 2" gap between the bonnet and fender (pic). When I push down aggressively, the bonnet will go down to about 1" before being aligned (pic). It will not go down any further! Just don’t inderstand. I not smart enough to understand!

PS This is a replacement bonnet as the original was rusty at the attachment. The original did the same as the replacement. I’m trying to get it to the paint shop for a respray!


Was this car in an accident?


There are no signs of an accident nor is it on Carfax. Wondering if the car was towed and the left side was pushed upwards?


See #34 in bellow diagram.
The hinge is attached to the front bumper bracket and there is some adjustment possible from there, but it will also move the bumper.

I see that it’s not only up, but also way forward.
If the bumper sits straight in the car my bet is that the hinge is bent…


Mine is also just a tad off. Not as much as you describe, though.

A past lister described a process to make the adjustment a bit easier. Name ( ?), Ugh, that memory thing. “Wild blue Yonder” trikes a chord.

Remove the grill. Now access to the hinge bolts is far easier. Lossen them as usual. My idea, disconnect the “monkey motion” stay open device. Now “scootch” the big bonnett around to get the best spot.

Tighten the hinge bolts. Open and replace the “stay open” device.

This may not solve your issue, but, I think you might get more movement and get there.

O’wise, something ese is off track. Bent hinge. Worn out fulcrum??


Also Check your bonnet for hairline cracks where the bonnet hinge bolts are. I had two cracks and my bonnet would not close just like yours. once they where welded up the bonnet was easy to line up again.