Bonnet / Hood hinges

Dear all,

I am now in the process of putting back the hood, but need to solve a relatively common problem , teared metal on the bonnet where the hinges connect to , passenger side.

The solution is on a thread on the old web site but it pictures do not download.
I contacted the author by mail but no reply so far.

It also would help if any of you has pictures of the hinges and washers, mines seemed to be bogged by the previous owner and individual components are not available any longer .

Thank you

I can’t really weld but I would transfer a paper copy for the alignment and then weld that up?

The alignment is made via a 1 cm thick steel pad that slides behind the metal.
Indeed the only way ahead is to weld. But possibly better to cut a wider patch and put back a matching new sheet of metal. Trying to weld the ripped part back is a no go also because one risks to solder the back plate together and good bye alignment.

This is why I wanted to get access to the photos on the old web because someone has done it successfully before…

Since the plate is loose you can put a bolt through and move it. Put a material in between that doesn’t weld well.
Paper for alignment could make your job easier since you can then find the old position quicker I thought.