Brake and tailight faulty

right rear tail and brake light fault

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Your post is a bit cryptic, I take it you have checked the obvious and the bulbs are OK?
I am not too sure if the ‘S’ types have modules for each corner?

right rear tailight and brake light failure neither of them light up left sise is all good,cheers fred

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Did you try the right side bulbs in the left side sockets, and vice versa?

After swapping bulbs side to side, if right side still doesn’t work, then check for +12V at right side sockets.

Just starting with the basics.

After that, start with the wiring schematic to find out where to trace the wires back to.

I would next go all the way back in the schematic, if still no +12V on those wires when there should be, whatever is upstream is the fault.

If +12V at that point, then its something/someplace between there and the sockets, which could get time consuming to patiently trace down.

I have checked the fuses all good what is shemantic Cheers Fred

Electrical wiring diagram.

Any updates