Brake Blanking Plate Pouch

Here is a question for Mark V owners.
Have you ever seen a pouch made to hold the C.4929 brake blanking plates, made of leather or other material?
tools 022

I imagine these plates would have normally been stored in the cubby boxes, so they would be readily available and easily installed by the owner by simply turning the wheels one way or the other.

When I looked in the Tool Kit section of the SPC, I noticed another tool, a hub extractor. What do you suppose this was? Perhaps for the rear hubs on Salisbury axles? Something like this?

Mark V would have been the first Jaguar to need such a thing.

On the rear brake hubs, MK IV and V, due to how tight they are fitted, a plate puller would be advised so not to distort the hub.

The above pictured tool is what I used to remove the hubs on my Mark V Salisbury axle. Here it is called a hub puller, but I suspect plate puller is another name for it.

Notice the square block of steel at the center. It is bearing on the slotted nut turned in reverse and threaded back on most of the way, so as not to distort either the nut or the threaded axle. Set it up, put some torque on it, then tap the hub with a hammer. Then when the hub pops loose, the nut will catch it, so it doesn’t go shooting across the garage.
It worked slick as a wink for me.

Now why is it in the Mark V SPC under Tool Kit (Special Order)?
I would think so the dealers could order one, because it was different from whatever the dealer’s shops were using on Mark IV splined knock-off hubs.

The Service Manual just says use a suitable puller.

Hi Rob, I recall for Mark V there is mesh plate for brake air inlet when airflow without debris is desired, and a solid plate of similar size to use in winter when no airflow to brakes is desired. Maybe you are showing similar in your photo but I can’t quite make out details on non-mesh items in your photo.

I’ve never seen a pouch and just store mine in a toolbox.

Yes, that is what my picture is, an original mesh plate and two blanks.
That mesh stuff is called “raised expanded metal” in the trade.

The blanking plate is aluminum, 4-3/16" x 3-1/4" x 1/8" with radiused corners.
106mm x 82.5mm x 3mm
The part number C.4292 was stamped on them.
It was also included with early XK120 which also had the brake cooling scoops.

The reason I bring it up is someone on the XK forum has what they believe may be an original pouch for them.

Here is a picture of the pouch.
There was a separate insert between the two plates.
It is not known whether this is an original or a later production.