Brake booster pedestal XJC-12

I finally decided to remove the moldy SBC and cleanup the engine bay. When I worked my way around to the brake booster I discovered that the pedestal would not budge after removing the four bolts from underneath. Further investigation revealed two studs with hard to get nuts. These are closer to the fender. After removing the nuts it appears the pedestal is under the wiring bulkhead connector as it will not budge from that one corner. There is a factory cutout for a clutch pedal in the firewall metal under the pedestal. .
Is this a normal pedestal on the 12 coupes or any coupes? Do I really need to remove the bulkhead connector as it appears?

The answer is yes. First you must remove the drivers side fan motor to see it. Then it all was easy.
Must have made sense on a right hand drive. Guess I had nothing better to do for an afternoon.