Brake bottles mounting. Where on S1. Order of assembly?

Do you attach the brackets first, then the shield, then the bottle holders , then the bottles? 

@c1nicole - didn’t you just wrestle this beast to the ground

I installed the shield to the bracket then attached the bracket to the frame rail. Final step was the bottle holder bracket, the bottles are inserted into their places and then the assembly is attached to the upper bracket.

Incidentally, I have noticed that the shield and brackets on my 61 OTS habe been installed on the wrong side of the frame, with therefore a folding of the shield on the wrong side:

Is there any value to keep such a mounting (e.g. to protect the frame from heat exhaust) or is it useless and should be reverted?

And I am guessing there is a bit of fore aft movement available when the brackets and shield is on the frame rail without the bottles. Did you just slide it back and forth until it “looked right”. Or is there some way to tell other than installing the heat shield, then bottle holders, then bottles and see if the hoses reach their intended target? (I am reinstalling the original bottles and the yellow stripe hoses that are on them-which may be replacement hoses)

I slid it until it matched the placement I had in my reference photos.

Make sure the lower heat shield fits it will have more bearing on the location of the frame mounts

Is that corrosion on the metal?

I don’t think so.
The frames look solid.
Rather a poor repaint: