Brake calipers for Series 1 and Series 2 E-type

Good morning Team Jaguar, I need some information on brakes for my E-type. All I want to know is can I exchange my worn out Series 1 calipers for Series 2 calipers for my 1968 Series 1.5, 4.2 roadster, ie all fixings the same for bolts, rear handbrake unit fixes to the series 2 calipers and front wheel clearances. The IRS has been dropped and I need to do as much to it as possible, do not want to take it out again at a future date.

You need series 2 front uprights for series 2 calipers and also series 2 steering arms.

The rear mounts are the same. Their is a difference between Series 2 rear caliper pistons and those used on later cars. You need to check the disc width too.

It will really improve the brakes if you do it., especially if you use Greenstuff pads. They dont seem to squeak.

Thanks James. When you say front uprights do you mean the part that has the 2 points for bolting the caliper to? If so, will have hard job sourcing them. Will probably use series 1 front new callipers and series 2 rear. Will check disc width. Thanks again.

As another option, several on this forum have swapped the front brakes for Wilwood calipers and moved the original front calipers (larger than the stock rear calipers) to the rear position to help maintain braking balance. This setup requires no change to the stock front or rear brake mounting points (using an Adapter for the Wilwood calipers). There is also a large contingent of forum members that feel that there is nothing wrong with the original Series 1 brakes and that they are more than adequate. It’s your car, do what makes YOU happy!

PS- This image was taken before I flipped the disc mounting bolts so the head is inside…

I mean bits that hold it all together.
Well I bought this pair the other day on ebay for £70 the pair. There are a few around.
S2 Uprights

James, going by the steering arm position, these are of a sedan, will not suit an E.

I have a pair of Series 2 complete front calipers. Taken off to upgrade to vented discs. Let me know if you’re interested.

Thanks Norm,
I hope not. Ill get the part numbers.
I will dig them out and compare them.

I think that I read that the Lightweight E’s used the Mk 10 brakes. I wonder if that is a good option too and if it also requires new uprights or if the Mk 10 uprights are the same as an E as far as caliper mounting ? When I have glanced at the Lightweight brakes at Goodwood they look similar to the normal Series 1 style only “beefier”.

68 E-type FHC