Brake Operating rod N.S

Hallo !
I need for my MK IV 1947 a new Operating rod N.S. for the front brake left.
is here somebody who know where i can get it?

PS: how can i upload a picture ?

Just do copy and paste to add images in the JagLovers site. You might try Davenport Cars. Home - Davenport Cars


Hi George,
A little confusion as to which part you need. OS means the right side, but you also said front left side. And do you have a Left Hand or Right Hand Drive car?
Item 8 or 9?

Is yours broken or damaged threads or gone?

Hi Rob!
I have a right hand drive and i need number 8.
It is brocken just behind t he loop in the expanderunit.

On mine there is a short rod with a coupling to the long rod on each side.

It looks like it depends on whether you have the non-servo or the two-leading-shoe type brakes.

In either case I think it would be easy enough to make a new one if you can get 3/8 inch rod and a 3/8 BSF threading die.

All the rods are intact on my Mk IV saloon, but I am looking for the U-shaped yoke piece that houses the pin which connects to the closed eye end of the rod. This is item #5, I believe, on the illustration. Actually, I have the yoke intact, just need the specialized screw-in portion, that creates the pivot. Hope that was clear. LOL.

No replies probably means we don’t understand. Can you get a picture?

The item 5 you refer to in the first picture is the clevis assembly which would include the special clevis pin and anti-rattle spring. I’m not aware that there is any supplier of these parts, but I’m sure there will be a market for them amongst our members.