Brake vacuum booster

Hi all,

I have a series 2 XJ. Does anyone know if there is a Brake vacuum booster from GM or something off the shelf that isn’t nearly a thousand bucks?


You may have already tried this - I had mine (for my Series 1) refurbished by my local brake and clutch guy. Cost less than $250 from memory.

I also had mine refurbished with “not Chinese crap” for $A400 about 5-10 years ago by my local brake repair shop

I believe I have seen them advertised as new or exchange by the major vendors like SNGB or David Manners

I took an old one apart just as a learning exercise, when I was told this was a special trade secret (it isnt that hard, just need screwdrivers and various pliers to bend all the tabs)

I suspect the kit is available to do the repair

These boosters were also used on other vehicles, such as GM and International, however, there is minor changes to things like bolt pattern and pushrod valve length that can trip you up

So therefore, I would get mine rebuilt, or accept the cost of a new one

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Or do some serious muscle strengthening exercises, Tony - without booster assist, braking a Jag requires superhuman efforts…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

I agree, and advise others to be very cautious about clamping of the booster vacuum and driving the car.

I nearly found out the hard way, in my own driveway, it was extremely difficult to get the car to stop, and I would have rear-ended another one of my own cars

I once had the engine quit on my big International Scout, while rounding a corner it lost power steering and brakes (same booster as a Jag)

That was downright scary, huge unexpected steering and braking effort

Thanks for the help Gents, there are a few local shops I can bring it to. I’ll start with that.