Brakes discs for Jaguar xjs 1991

Good day everyone hope you are all well;)
I’m just wondering what type of the aftermarket brakes discs I need to get for my car. Front and rear. Is there any part number?
Thank you :pray:

Assuming you are in the USA then look at SNG Barret, Moss Motors or a local brake shop.

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Thank you for reply
I’m in Australia
But I will check those brand on eBay;)

You could also try the local NAPA store.

Unless you’re a very aggressive driver you should find ordinary replacement discs perfectly adequate. On various oldie Jags (including an XJS) I’ve had good luck with Bendix, Wagner, Lockheed, Centric, NAPA, and Brembo brands

The various brands have their own part numbers


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Thank you for reply
I appreciate
Will try to get one :point_up: