Brand New Twin Spark Cylinder Heads and ITB's...Oh My

I just discovered this website. OMG I wish the budget was deep enough for their twin spark cylinder head and ITB fuel injection for the XJ cars with the straight 6.

I have not inquired about cost. If you have to ask…LOL

Happy dreaming.

Jeff H.

I reached out to them about a year ago to get more power for my XJC. That cylinder head is about $15,000.00 and the stroker kit is another $10,000.00… Powerball come on. LOL.

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How about this: KWE Digital Engine Management (DEM) – KWE Cars - Jaguar, Daimler and Aston Martin DB7 Restoration Specialists
These guys have a lot of info on their website - take a look.

Piercy, that is indeed eyewatering. Wow! Still, if the funds are ever there, by God it will happen. LoL.

Jeff H.