Broken flasher warning light

The green flasher warning light on the dash of a 66 S1.5 E Type I’m working on is broken. Can anyone tell me how to replace it? Many thanks.

Easiest access is to remove the tacho.

I would say that the easiest way is to remove the dash top, it’s kind of a PITA to get the hoses back in for the defroster but at least on a LHD car I think it’s easier than trying to get to the light from the Tach. JM2CW
PS: must be a mistype, the S1.5 came out in 67-68 :wink:

Yes, mistype - it’s a 67. Thanks for the info on the warning light.

If you’re nimble it is possible to unscrew and remove the tack from the bottom then reach up and unscrew the indicator. The difficulty is reaching the upper lug to reinstall the tack afterward. It can be done but it’s a bit of a challenge. Worst case is that you end up having to remove the dash anyway.

If you do this though, be careful you don’t dislodge the tack lamps, because if they fall out they’ll short and blow the fuse which means you also lose your taillights.