Broken SII Seat Belt Buckle

Hi Everyone,
I own a 69 SII OTS and have lived with this long enough. Any ideas or suggestions on how to repair? If repairing is not an option I’ll gladly entertain purchasing a replacement or sending it off to a repair house.
Best Regards,
Jag Kangol Seat Belt 1
Jag Kangol Seat Belt 2

Epoxy on the back side? Not sure if that would hold, wouldn’t be pretty.

Put a search on eBay. Whenever it pops up it’ll email you.

This is the short belt, right?

You can have that one for postage.

PM me with your email and snail mail addresses.

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All, thanks for the quick response to my mail.

Hi George,
Great! I’ll pm you and make arrangements for shipment.
Best Regards,