Browser too old

I use an I phone 6 with the latest Safari updates available for it. Yesterday I was advised that my browser is too old. I tried Google Chrome with it’s latest for the phone - same message. Am I done.

My i6s is still working ok, version 15.3.1?
You could try ‘duck duck go’ as your browser


Thanks Dave. I’m updated on the phone to 15.4. I may try your suggestion if all else fails.

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Have had an iPhone 6S Plus for years. Now Apple sends me a message that they will no longer be support security updates for that particular model. Would like to upgrade to a somewhat newer model but this phone has LOTS of photos stored. When I attempt to download them to my computer the computer tells me the DCIM is empty!!! How can that be??? Can’t loose all my Jaguar pic’s. Guess I must take this up with my 5 year old granddaughter. She’ll have an answer… LOL Will upgrade when I can safely download all my photos!!! 6S Plus trade-in value - $50…!



You just need to register a free iCloud account with Apple and your phone will store a backup of everything. If you then buy a new iPhone everything will be restored from iCloud to the new phone.


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Dead easy and quick, as long as you have your iCloud address and password ready, you still want to have an iCloud backup of course, then you will never run the risk of losing anything on your phone even if ghe phone dies or gets lost!


I also am having trouble . It is telling my browser needs updating but Safari tells me my browser is up to date. Does that mean my iPad is too old? John

My Safari is up to date at 12.5 as I recall. The new site for Jag lovers seems to require something in the 13’s. The i6 phone can’t go beyond thje 12’s I believe.

The best option is to try a different browser. I found this list of recommended browsers on the developers website (this was specifically for Android, so for Apple products there is also Safari):

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Microsoft Edge
  4. Vivaldi
  5. Opera
  6. Brave

We have no control on what browsers do or do not work.

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Hi Nick. I’ve tried Chrome and Firefox. I believe the problem is with the phone - the new site that J.L. is on requires a browser with a capacity that is beyond an i6’s.

I just checked the site where development of Discourse (our forum software) and it looks like there may be a fix out for old hardware.

Maybe @gunnar will chime in?

It looks like the developers have identified the problem and developed a fix for it, yes. The fix isn’t out in a new build yet though, we’re going to have to wait for that.

Shouldn’t be long, and as soon as it’s released, I’ll upgrade our forum to it.


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The wait is over, I just updated our Forums to a new release. I hope that fixed it for you!


It’s working - thank you very much!


Working great for me also, thanks!

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