Bulb holders and 127 bulbs

Hi I am looking to see where I can purchase LED bulbs to replace bulbs with the 127 stamped on them for the dashboard lighting, additionally I have some holes in the dashboard for bulb holders that I cannot figure out what bulb holders go into them, they are a push fit for the waring light bulbs for the red and amber warning lights and the green for for the AC, also I want to know which LED can be used in the Headlights
If anybody knows a source for all replacement LED for for the complete car that would be great

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After a bit of research and measurement, looks like the bulbs are BA 15 for the dash lights and the side lights, still not sure about the bulb holders though

I’ve previously purchased various LED bulbs and holders from Classic Car LED’s in the UK

They have a push-in bulb holder for the dashboard illumination “cup” shown in your photo which fitted my MK IV. OK, they are not original Lucas parts, but then again neither are the LED bulbs!!!

Thanks for the info much appreciated
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This is a relatively poor photo, but you might be able to see the dashboard bulb holders and how they “push-fit” into the cup fixed to the dash panel:

Clean up the metal casement of the cups to make sure there is a good electrical contact to the bulb holder, otherwise the bulbs will not light !!!

Been trying to remember where I’ve seen that bulb holder before.
Got it. My '38 SS tool tray light.

Used on MGTA/B/C dashboard if that helps any.

I bought my led’s from https://www.dynamoregulatorconversions.com/

Just remember the bulbs that act as fuses can’t be led- ignition, heater and trafficator warning lights

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can you elaborate on your comments I am not sure I understand about bulbs that act as fuses


Hi Dave
Still not sure which one to purchase from Classic LEDs do you know the model you purchased for your mark four dash

Unfortunately I can’t find my order info Mike, but if you email them with your vehicle details/year and photo of the dashboard holder, etc they should be able to advise which of their parts are suitable - that’s what I did when I needed holders and LED bulbs. Being Christmas they may be on holiday shutdown until the New Year.

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These are the two types of bulb holders of my MK IV

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From what I understood from the led producer was that the led wouldn’t cope with being part of the circuit - they ok when they are the final product as it were. These warning lights carry the full current for the ignition, heater and trafficators

Thank you for the info much appreciated

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Hi Polti
The top picture is what I need, the one with the shoulder on it does anybody know a serial number and a supplier ?