Bulb integrity module

(jerald) #1

Hell again,I am trying to sort out a problem with turn signal flasher for front right indicator.My problem is that one of the two bulbs is blinking the other not.This is for USA version 1996 X-305. The flasher indicator in the instrument cluster are working however one is faster than the other.I think this is indicates a bulb out.I have checked all and they are all working. However on the right tail light turn signal assembly the small 5 w bulb does not flash as the left hand does? Any thoughts.Best Regards Sorry I meant that all bulbs have been checked for integrity. Thanks

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #2

Try cleaning the contacts on the rear one that does not flash.

(jerald) #3

OK thanks, will do same for front.

(jerald) #4

I cleaned contacts but no luck?

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #5


Try the Electrical Guide here: page 57 It may be a FET in the BPM that’s blown, you’ll need a meteror a good bulb with longish wires soldered on to it to check if voltage is present.
Good luck,

(jerald) #6

Neil, I am not familiar with the abbreviation FET. Can you translate? Best Regards

(Justin Hill) #7

Field Effect Transistor. Just another kind of transistor - solid state component…

(jerald) #8

Thank you will review.

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #9

Jerald an FET (field effect transistor) is used in the BPM as a switch to activate the lights and they can/do fail causing issues. It is possible to open up the Module and to replace them. Try a search in the Archives as this has come up many times over the years.

(jerald) #10

Neil, my vehicle is a 1996 X-305 VIN 768729 USA. My electrical schematic is different I think. Mine shows a lamp control module etc. Your 1998 schematic is different . This is my fault for not listing all pertinent info. Back to square 1. Thanks

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #11


I think it’s Fig. 09.


(jerald) #12

Yes , this is what my schematic shows.Thanks

(jerald) #13

Will do some diagnostics and report back.Thanks

(jerald) #14

I am going to replace the module with a used unit and see if this cures my problem.I will then post.Thanks