"Bulb Out" Warning Light Blinking

Well, nothing new when turning on Greenie’s parking lights/headlights switch – the “bulb out” warning light comes on, as I have had happen in the past with other Jags of mine when a bulb in the system has blown, become corroded, etc. I’m thinking the bulb either jostled loose or blew out somewhere during the transport, possibly. :thinking: What’s strange is that when I activate the left turn signal the bulb out light blinks in synch with it. :open_mouth: Never had that happen before. I would think this would be a clear indication either the front or rear left turn signal bulb is out, but when I had someone check them from outside with me still in the car they said they appeared to be good. :confused: She also did not see any of the other outside bulbs out, when I tested those. Any idea what the cause might be?