Bumper to chassis studs and alignment

Hi, after recently having the special studs made that go through the front apron on the car to the chassis for holding the bumper irons on, I have found that the hole in the body work through which the studs go into the chassis are not in line and are around 10mm lower than the holes in the chassis, after looking around I can see that the front wings can be lifted where they bolt onto the chassis support plates behind the front wheels ( Forgot to take a picture will post later) however it looks like I will need to machine some new fasteners or spacers to take up the clearance when the front end is lifted anybody done this before ?
Along with lifting the front end to make the holes line up with the ones in the chassis I believe this will tweak the front apron up also where I have a gap between the bottom of the radiator cowling and the studs attached to the cowling that are currently around 15 mm away from the bodywork, I have been told these studs should be attached to the front apron
has anybody had to adjust the front end body work and what methods did you use or is there another way to lift the front wings to get the holes aligned with the chassis ?

all suggestions and help appreciated

There are thick pads that separate the wings from chassis wing supports. It’s possible that these are missing. They should be of a material that doesn’t hold moisture. I think they were originally made of the same material as fibre washers.


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