BW-65 Setup help

As fluid expands and contract with temperature, DougM - ventilation is the essential bit. The devise shown may just prevent/reduce spillage of fluid, or prevent foreign stuff being sucked into the box.

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Go higher than the transmission, and it points down so dirt can’t get in. It should also end above the transmission so it can’t siphon. Hose is fine.

Sweet. Thank you all.

You’re welcome, and don’t forget the o ring on the plastic fitting thingy!

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I remembered (luckily).

Hello all. I wanted to double check my logic with more experienced brains before I commit to this. I salvaged what length I could of the transmission cooling lines from the junk BW-65 transmission that I have. I flared what’s left of the metal lines and plan on running a long length of rubber hose to complete the transmission cooling lines. Any reason why this wouldn’t work and would be a bad idea? I figured I’d double up on the hose clamps for good measure.

This will work.

The oil cooler is hooked up with rubber hoses at least on my car and others I know. The pressure is not that high. Double clamping not required.
But make sure that it can’t get tangled anywhere. It would be somewhat nicer to have a metal tube for the long runs and rubber for the transitions. Does it make a difference, most likely not at all.

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Just make sure you use oil resistant hose and you’ll have no problem.

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Hey Gang. Slowly building and very slowly buttoning things up to get the chassis running. Thank you all for the great info so far.

I’m having a clearance issue with the transmission dipstick tube. Not the end of the world, but I’d rather not cut any more metal to make it fit if I don’t have to.

Does anyone know of a flexible transmission tube for the BW? They’re a dime a dozen for GM and Fords, etc… perhaps someone makes them for BW transmissions?

What sort of clearance issue - originally there should be none…?

The length of the tube is an essential part of fluid level measuring…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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Your borg Warner transmssion s a close cousin to units used in older USa cars. ford particularly. FMX. Our 71 AMc ornet used a version.

so, that may widen the choice of a tube to check fluid level.


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Hello all. I’ve solved all of the clearance issues for adapting this BW-65 transmission into the D-Type replica. It’ll still be a while before I get it all roadworthy, but progress is being made.

One final tech question. When I attach the transmission cooling lines and the dipstick tube into the transmission pan, should I use thread sealant on either? Specifically, Permatex high temp thread sealant 59214. Wondering what the recommendations are from you Jaguar pros.

Thank you.

I haven’t and seems fine. You don’t need anything on the threads as it seals further forward and it‘d leak out between nut and pipe anyways… better to put some anti seize on the threads instead. Good to hear that you are making good progress!

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Ok, one more thing, actually. Anyone know where I can get replacement ‘stone guards’ for the BW-65? Would rather find replacements rather than drill holes and screw on some scrap aluminum for makeshift covers.