BW 66 Gearbox in Mk2 : Shifter Position

As written before mounted I a BW 66 ( Ex XJ6 ) gearbox in my mk2 . Ik kept the column shifting, but face still problems in good positioning. So I intend to install an XJ6 shifter in the Mk2.
I know more did it in this way , and now would I ask or one can give me a good indication/ measurement of the position of this shifter.
Thank for your help,
Regards, Roger

Did you use the newer metal Ident plate at the steering column (used on the 420) ( P.R.N.D.D1)
And maybe you need to change the length of the lever at the gearbox, to get it right.
Personally I do not like the XJ6 shift lever on the tunnel.

The 66 is a prnd21 and not a prnd2d1l box. Column shifters are nicer, what exactly is the problem? The floor shift lever might have its own problems…

The fact is that I face shifting issues, and then are not 100% sure that the position is ok .
The box doesn’t shift 2-3 gear even with the kick down cable loose

Are there detens in the column assembly?
Give it a run by locking it in D detent at the gearbox with the cable disconnected. Do the other positions work as expected?