BW65/66 clarification

I understand the Borg-Warner model 65/66 transmission was fitted to the 1980-1987 XJ6.
I have what I’m led to believe, is a BW66 from a 1984 Series 3 XJ6, but the BW ID tag is missing on the LH side.
All I have to identify it are the casting numbers MCC 04 65065900 Z & a tag on the RH side stamped 42995.
So, do I have a BW65 or BW66?
There are two sets of digits in there which would suggest it’s a BW65

What was the last year & series of XJ6 that used a BW65?

Appreciate feedback

only info i have is late as 86, i do have a pdf parts list of 65/66 box

An '86 would almost certainly be a 66.

Check the end of the dipstick. It will be stamped 66 or 65.


The BW66 is supposed to have the DEEPER PAN.

Thanks Robert/motorcarman/Tom, here’s the situation. I have what I’m led to believe is a BW66 from a known 1984 series 3 XJ6. It came with no dipstick & the ID tag was missing. The only refs I have are the casting numbers mentioned in the previous post.
If the depth of the pan is the only other external difference, can someone give me a height of a BW65 or BW66 pan & I can check that measurement.
I plan to swap my DG250 auto out of my MK2 for this unit.

i’ll send off soon…also remover you email addy now, always try message email info


Further development of the Model 65 resulted in the introduction of the Model 66, which is designed for even heavier duty or for a higher level of durability in cars at the upper end of the market range. The shafting has been strengthened, and the lubrication system improved by fitting a deeper oil pan and enlarging some of the ducts. Externally, however, the dimensions remain the same.

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The BW 65 can be fitted with the deeper oil pan so THAT is not a definitive clue as to whether it is actually the updated gearbox.

If it was fitted as built, the shallow pan is the BW65.

Thanks for the replies Guys, I know the BW66 has a deeper pan, but I need a height measurement of a BW66 or BE65 pan to determine what I have with no dipstick or ID plate!

The BW66 was fitted to S3 cars, Pierre - so unless a PO has done something, or you are misinformed on ‘your’ model year; an 84 should have the 66…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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Received your pdf file Tom, thank you.
OK, Frank thanks

Here’s another twist, the bell housing has (2) bottom openings which I assume are both for stone guards, yet the Sparts Parts Listings for BW65/66 only show (1) stone guard for the bottom & (1) at the top?

my bw 65 has 2 at the bottom

Tom. Do they both have stone guards fitted?

yes both fitted but the expected damage

Guys, I’ve had it confirmed by a reputable English Jaguar auto trans specialist that the BW65 sump depth is 30mm and the BW66 sump depth is 48mm.
I now know I have the BW66 tranny.
I have the rear mounting bracket from the Series 3 XJ6 BW66 & I’m hoping this can be made to fit on the 1960 MK2 3.8. Will trail fit this week.