By pass auto choke what wire?

Hi I am restoring a 1964 3.4 now 3.8 still on twin HD6 I have done away with the thermo for the auto choke switch . fitted a blanking plate I now just want to fit a manual switch but which wire ? I have green and green with a black trace with power it seems coming from brake light switch? Can anyone help I’m a bit confused ( doesn’t take much ) I just want manual operation with a warning light many thanks Mick

The otter switch acts as a ground for the starting carburetor solenoid, ergo you replace the wire that went from the otter to the solenoid with a manual switch that goes to ground. It doesn’t matter which side of the solenoid that new wire goes to so long as the power wire goes to the other side.

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And always good to have a switch with a warning lamp so one does not leave the hisser on for longer than necessary.

I’ve added a lighted push button for mine.

Excellent very good idea :+1: thanks