Call for testers

(Andrew Waugh) #1

After a(nother) very long delay, I need some people to test the photo albums.

The test site is:

The Photo album page is in the menu at the top, to go directly to that page:

I need some feedback on the search function, and uploading photos, and we also want to see how performance is with a bit of load on the system.

(bob trimpe ) #2

Works amazingly well. I will try an upload ASAP.

Mm, I don’t see an upload button. Little hint?

( Larry ) #3

Quick look Andrew …loaded search result and chose a topic, viewed all 6 pics …wanted to return to result list, hit back repeatedly, had to go back 1 pic at a time and failed to get me back to list

…maybe due to request pace (load?) - anyway abandoned task and opened second tab to keep list on tap.

Tried searching member albums, tried DonB first, nothing, thought maybe he used another ID so checked my own ID, nothing, so loaded my albums on the old site to see what my old album was posted as by/who …found the old email address ( was the userID, searched that, came up no results found.

I guess that when you search by Member albums you have to search keywords in the member’s pics rather than searching by member name then?

edit: makes no sense! How can you search member albums if you can’t locate the member’s stuff??

will re-check to see if I’m off on this …:no_mouth:

Just a quick observation



(Andrew Waugh) #4

“Members Albums” will be the repository for new uploads, but for the moment they only have a couple of test albums under my account. All of the old stuff is under “Legacy_Photoalbums”.

The “Back” thing is a “feature” of the software, I think.

(Ed Sowell) #5

I just did a search on “distributor” and got a bunch of hits. Good work, Andrew!


( Larry ) #6

mmm …bummer that …no return to results function then?

also… search only finds words in posted titles not words in descriptive content …btw not complaining just illustrating :thinking:

( Larry ) #7

testing link to results test posted link



Slideshow function is nice BTW

(Andrew Waugh) #8

Ah… now I understand what you mean by back.

When you’re in the slideshow and you want to go back up to the album, click on the name of the Album, in your example “Seat belt cleaning”.


There is a “browse” function, but it is incredibly slow. Click on “xj40” in your example (or better yet, “Legacy_PhotoAlbums”.

with nearly 12K albums it takes a while to load them.

(Andrew Waugh) #9

Both the Album names/descriptions as well as the photo comments/names are indexed.

Search “Klemfiddlhofer” You should get a hit on one of my test pics. (I suspect there won’t be many “Klemfiddlhofer” in the index.

( Larry ) #10

Well …kind of …

Admittedly, that takes me back to the initial (actually secondary ) search where all pictures are lined up but what I was talking about were the list of reults …I’ll check again in a sec

( Larry ) #11

Doesn’t appear to work in the legacy albums …

try “goo-gone” from the seat belt cleaning search …

( Larry ) #12

Initial search, “fuel canister” in XJ40

search result

Interesting …I just pulled up the page for the search results and saw the list of results …then I grabbed the URL and posted a link to it here …clicking the link however doesn’t show the results …

(Andrew Waugh) #13

No, “Klemfiddlhofer” would be in the Member_Albums…

But I don’t get any hits via search with that either.

I’ll trigger a reindex. (It did work earlier)

( Larry ) #14

Sorry - I meant that the keyword search didn’t work not your K-word thingy

Late breakfast calls, back in a bit :sleeping:

(Andrew Waugh) #15

Ok, I changed the setting to return photos, rather than albums, so now goo-gone will hit that photo.

I’ll have to ask the developer to change the search behavior (again).

( Larry ) #16

Well, returning photos is a nice feature, but could become unwieldy if a common term was used - I think the original topic title returns are a better default …

Opening all searches and each click-through result in a new window would also ease navigational headaches and make for more logical returns to original results. IMHO, it’s really important to return to the results list quickly if the click-through leads to a dead end.

Is it possible to have multiple filters or even multiple search boxes (dropdowns?) for either of these types of searches - and - better yet, a way to search/filter by album owner in the Legacy section?

Reason I ask is I know some members, e.g. DonB, stripped down and rebuilt pretty much every component of his car and photographed every step, nice to be able to “zero in” on that content as I’m sure no-one is going to do that again and post it to their new album.

(Paul Wigton) #17

Works for me: slow, but that might be b/c of my steam-powered Internet connection!

(Andrew Waugh) #18

The live instance will have a bit more power (it costs money to run a hairy chested test machine).

But that is one of the things which we’re trying to test for. It’s no good if it performs flawlessly, but takes 10 minutes to serve up a picture.

(David Jauch) #19

Everything works and your work is very highly appreciated. No crashes for me and I understand the interface.
But: It’s a bit messy on the phone. And a lot going on which does aid in confusion.
Can you get rid of the image name (0526736.jpg,…) nobody needs and the image description (that only shows sometimes and partly after the understandable limit of 50 results), is there a way to see them all - never mind, they are shown, are they?
Also, do we need to review pictures? - your restauration is only 4/5!
The back button (of the browser) didn’t do much in my case, I got back via browsing history.
Description text under a picture is cut of if too long and I can’t read on or don’t know how. Screenshot attached.
It feels like everything was designed for a rather big screen and struggles with the smaller scale, but it hasn’t failed at anything so far, which is good.

Thank you!


(Andrew Waugh) #20

The first task is to make sure that the new site can serve links pointing to the old site (so that links embedded in the old forum posts still work). Once that is done then we can take that part of the old site offline - I still have some work to do with the developer on this, but part of it relies on the filenames. The filename 0526736.jpg is actually the unix timestamp of the original upload. I may be able to inhibit display of that.

The 50 hits is a bit of a bother. Essentially, if you get more than 50 hits then you should be more precise with your search. I may reduce that to 25.

It is pretty much laid out for a large screen.

Could someone login and try uploading a few pics?