Calling the hard top boffins!

Any suggestions on how to go about fixing this?

So I assume someone cut a Webasto into the hardtop, correct? In that case you’re going to have to do some very very high order fiberglass repair.

That’s . . . different.

Repairing the sun roof or getting rid of it?

OK, so the sunroof is not a std part of the hard top???

The repair I was referring to is re-inserting and affixing that bit of vinyl that has come out from the rear. But if the sunroof is not std, the question is not relevant here.

Judging by what I can see of the back window it’s a bonafide E-type hardtop, it even has the rare chrome trim, though missing the centre coupler, and it’s had a bit of supplementary surgery. I’ve not seen a sunroof on one before, but then again I haven’t seen all that many E-type hardtops.

Seems like you could simply tuck that back in with a little adhesive on the fabric underside.

Who would have made this?? Jaguar ??? Or some aftermarket company?

I don’t know who supplied Jaguar with their hardtops, or if they were otherwise produced in-house. I’m sure there will be a J-L Jaguar historian out there somewhere who can answer that question. The Webasto sunroof wasn’t a factory option far as I know, though I have seen an E-type coupe with one,

Edit: a few more pics would help to confirm that it’s a factory top.

It’s an aftermarket hardtop. Looks to be in fine shape, though.

Good to know, thanks! It does present very well.