Cam cover gaskets XK120

Has anyone had recent experience of the Cometic cam cover gaskets? I’ve read some old posts which pointed out some problems. It seemed the best answer back then was to get the ones that are closed in at the rear as on XJ6 etc, and fettle them yourself to make them fit the area on the rear of the head they are being fitted on… I’m wondering if the Cometic gaskets with their aluminium construction and blown rubber coating each side may seal my 8 stud cam covers OK, without my having to go to all the trouble of having them milled absoutely flat. I also am wondering if the studs would still have enough thread available (due to slightly thicker gasket) for the domed nuts to get a decent grip. I suppose the studs could be inserted in the head without completely bottoming them, to make slightly more thread available for the domed nuts…

OK, I have been there, and here is what I did: The thin, paper gaskets supplied came apart in my hands, and the ones available looked no better. What to do? Seems the answer was paper bag material, and using the cam cover as a template, I cut some out and used Aviation Permatex to attach them to the head and to the covers. Bingo! No more leaks or an oil covered engine. Aviation P, is good stuff, as it does not harden, and when warmed up, it comes right off. Just a suggestion folks, but it worked for me.

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I did precisely that, on Tweety. You should have no issues.

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You keep mentioning Tweety, Paul. Who is she??

He…was this!


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Top marks - I LOVE the purple!!

Orange lenses on a LHD? No no no.

Yes yes yes. They look better!

I was in a search for red/amber rears, when I sold it.

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Orange lenses were standard fitment here in Canada. It’s the clear lenses that are weird, eh?

Red/amber in the rears also Canuck spec … you sure you’re not a closet wannabe Canadian, Wigs?

…don’t tempt me, Salty!