Cam/valve cover gasket wrong!

(Alan4d) #1

Bother! Took off cam cover in my 1987/88 model to replace the gaskets and D seals. Found that no amount of persuasion could get the replacement gasket to fit and stay in place. It always popped off the bends at the front part where the timing chain shaping is. I seem to remember there has been correspondence about this. What solution has been suggested? Also, what is the final opinion about torque on the screws. 10-12 Nm seems lot tighter than hand tightening.

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Hi Alan, did you go OEM or aftermarket?

(Alan4d) #3

Not sure what source my supplier here in Aust uses.

(Casso) #4

Hi Alan, I don’t want to sound too obvious but did you try using a smear of grease all around the edges to hold the gasket in place ? If it seems way too tight at the front where the timing chain shaping is, try dipping the gasket in a bucket of hot water first to soften it up a bit or warming it with a hair dryer while you stretch it into position.
of course if it’s a poor pattern copy then nothing is likely to rectify it.

(Alan4d) #5

Very warm here in Australia. I suspect poor pattern copy but can’t be sure or be sure how to ensure (!) I get an original.

(2tonejag 1989 XJ6 XJ40) #6

Yes heat… Id take the timing cover upside down (use it as a holder) put-install the gasket on it and use something rubber bands weights etc to hold the rubber channel on the inverted cover then heat it up and or put it in a hot car (could be 160F or more in there) for a while and see if it will “re-set”
Yea twisting rubber can be a pain
Good luck