Camshaft bearing cap bolts

I find that I am in need of a couple of the stepped camshaft bearing cap retaining bolts for my XK120. I found the two front ones on the RH cam cover are stripped, allowing oil to spray around everywhere. My car has the “studless” covers. I don’t suppose anyone has a couple of spares they could sell me, or maybe point me in the direction of a company who might supply them? I’m also going to try experimenting with Dowty washers instead of the copper ones used on the cam covers. I’m thinking 1/8"BSP may be the right size, but I don’t have the actual dimensions of the ID and OD. Has anyone tried Dowty washers in this application? I’ve used them on the carb fuel feed pipe banjos, and they seem to be doing a good job.

I knew a guy (Max Heilman) who vintage raced a XK150 and an E-type who would put an o-ring between the nut and the washer.

Stat-o-seals are neater and thinner than Dowty washers, I’d use those. They’re aluminium, so look better for longer.

There is also a SS flat cap version, that works as well, and looks better.


Just managed to order some studs from Moss Europe. I did order some Stat-o-seals when I was experimenting on the carb fuel feed pipe banjos, but their outside diameter was far too large, though they were thinner than the Dowtys, so I couldn’t use them. I found the blue rubber Dowtys swelled with exposure to fuel, but the black version seems to resist it OK. I also discovered that McMaster-Carr won’t post abroad.

No, but *I will…:grimacing:

If you want them, let me know, in a PM, with your address.

I can mail them to you, and you can reimburse me back.

I used the SS flat sealing washers on Tweety’s cam covers, and they were leakproof.

Annealed copper washers and a thin schmear of RTV can also work, if you are lije some, and must have the look of the copper…

Paul, that’s a kind offer, and I may well take you up on it! I will measure the OD and ID of the copper washer and see which part no. I need. BTW, I’m not sure how to send a PM from this site…?

Click on my avatar, choose ‘message.’

To give the original copper washers a really nice seal, I put a paper gasket beneath them. I use a 1/4 inch punch for the center hole. Then I lay a copper washer over the punched gasket paper and scribe the outer diameter with a pencil. With a scissors, I cut out the paper gaskets. The paper gaskets are cheap to make, work great, and are completely invisible.

Great idea, Mike! I realise I should have named this thread Camshaft bearing cap STUDS, not bolts!!



Yeah, but you like our cars! :grin:

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Excuse me! Just where were these things built, then?

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Pretty sure they’re still called studs, in the Mother Country…:grimacing:

God Save The Studs!

Speaking of… if these things are getting scarce, Ill pull them off my junk S3 engine.