Camshaft galley still has oil in it?

Sorry this is probably a silly question but I am changing the oil on an etype and there is still quite a bit of oil that isn’t draining in with the cam? Is this normal or do I have some sort of a blocked line somewhere?

Normal - and a sometimes a bit messy when you remove the cam covers with the front of the car slightly raised.

Thanks! Good news is it’s only been 200 miles since the oil was changed it looks like so it’s still pretty fresh!

Normal, and desired. As the cam rotates, the oil pool floods the contact surface between the cam lobe and tappet.

Well I also learned a lesson about making sure the rubber seal on the filter canister is perfect! Lost a bit of oil on the shop floor but caught it in time to only lose a quart or 2. Took me 4 times to get it right!