Can anybody identify what this noise is?

Hi, my 1997 3.2 x300 Jaguar has a strange noise coming from the top of the engine. It actually sounds like a worn out water pump! But is is not that, it is definitely coming from the valve area on the top of the engine. When the engine is warm it is almost inaudible. I have recorded a video of the noise on YouTube. If you could have a look and point me in the right direction. I have a feeling it has something to do with the cam shims?


That sounds too heavy for shims sounds more like a little end bearing.

So my engine is basically terminal, :unamused:

Wait to see if there are any other thoughts before doing anything drastic.

Take all the belts and the valve cover off and see if you can locate the noise, hoping for the best and good luck! It does sound ugly but who knows…

I will do when I get time, thanks. I have amended the video to show the noise when it is warm.

Ok noise reduction when warm now gets me thinking piston slap.

Piston slap… maybe. A little hard for that.

My money is on a big end bearing, or gudgeon pin.

Sounds guttural like a massive exhaust manifold leak. Would get quieter when warm too. Sounds too smooth and not mechanical enough to be bearings or slap, imo.