Canadian x350 same as US?

I found a 2006 XJ in Canada that I want to buy but I don’t know if it can be titled in the US. Does anyone have an answer?

I know that when bringing US cars up here, as part of the out of province inspection, they have to be “Federalized”. I don’t know what items have to be changed, but day time running lights is one of them. You might try the Transportation web site for one of the Provinces to see if they have a list of what is different. One thing you will have to live with is the speed in KPH and mileage in kilometers. Also the mpg in the trip computer will be in Imperial miles.

I worked on MANY Jaguars with ‘Maple-leaf’ VIN plates that were bought at auction from ‘up-North’ and shipped to Texas for repair at the dealer I worked at. (late 1990s to the mid 2000s)

The one thing I noticed was the ‘WINTER PACKAGE’ and ‘DAYTIME RUNNING LAMPS’ that were not a common thing for new cars sold locally.

Many people wanted the DRL disabled and the heated windscreen was not used much but did come in handy a few times each year here in TEXAS.

I think it is more of a problem going ‘the other way’ getting the US cars to CANADA.(legally)