[CANCELLED] 1951 Jaguar Mark V for full restoration (with donor chassis)

This is a fairly complete and mostly still assembled car with many extra parts for complete restoration.
The car came to me with a replacement Mark 2 XK engine and auto transmission in it. Engine mounts on the chassis and the shape of the firewall were altered to accommodate the XK engine. That engine and trans have been removed from the car but are available if new owner wishes to re-use them. The car will need a clutch assembly as the original was removed when the auto box was put in the car. I may have some or all of the clutch components in the spare parts that will accompany the car when sold. I have a manual gearbox(s) for the car.

I have obtained a donor Mark V chassis and tub (which can accompany this Mark V when sold). Tub can be removed from the chassis if need be. That chassis comes with a matching numbers engine block, as well as the number plate. Using that chassis would solve the engine mount issue (its mounts have not been altered) and would deliver a matching numbers chassis and engine block and a correct number plate. I have obtained the Heritage Certificate for that number plate.
Obviously the car needs a full engine rebuild but I also have many parts for that, and more than one engine block. All chrome is present with the car. There is a full interior that is a replacement from original and original headliner all of which would benefit from being replaced with a better quality interior kit. Virtually all the wood is present (but for one small piece of wood trim above one of the doors) and is in place in the car along with the full instrument cluster and keys. It appears that the wood should be able to be readily restorable. Dash is in good shape.

The Heritage Certificate for the matching number chassis, engine and plate states the car was originally Birch Grey with Red interior, but of course it can be redone in any color combination the new owner favors. The car came from the dry interior of British Columbia and is very rust free for its age. I would not anticipate a lot of body work being required except restoring the firewall to original (potentially using the section from the donor car as a template or as a replacement section) if the new owner wished to do that.
Along with the car I have a very nearly complete restored tool kit. I will include it with the car for an additional cost (assembling a tool kit for older Jaguars like the Mark V is both challenging and extremely costly, with many tools now becoming unavailable). The asking price for the car without tools is $5000US or very near offer. Tools extra at current market rate.

I can be contacted at gsmoy@telus.net. Purchaser to arrange for shipping. There are many spare parts with this car which will also need to be shipped with it. I have access to a BC broker who can assist with importing the car and the parts into the US.

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