[CANCELLED] 1958 XK150 FHC Need Fuel Gauge


I am in need of one working fuel or petrol gauge. This particular gauge has a red low level light integral to the gauge. See picture of my existing gauge.

I am in WI USA

Thanks much


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I think I have a spare somewhere, I;ll dig it out and give it a check.

That would be fantastic! I anxiously await your reply. Good luck!


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I do have a gauge from a 150 , same numbers as what you have. I am not sure how to test without hooking it up to my dash.

I don’t know how to bench test either. I did find on line how to test or maybe test the gauge in the car. I will do that test on Sat. I think I tested it the other day and the gauge or needle did not move. Hopefully the new test gives better results.

How much would you want for your gauge?



If I have time this weekend I will install in my 150 and compare with my original.
If it works I will come up with a figure,
I did notice that Coventry Auto UK sell them for a crazy figure of 300 pounds.
Welsh Jag have a rebuilt for $351. Crazy prices. Part number # 263601
Will get back to you.