[CANCELLED] For Sale: 1967 Series 1, 2+2 Coupe Manual w/Overdrive

For Sale:
Description: 1967 Etype Series 1, 2+2 Coupe w/overdrive: Car has many upgrades. Was an automatic transmission which was converted to 4 speed w/overdrive. upgrades/updates: new interior (dark Blue) Carpets, new leather seat covers, dash/center console recovered, Willwood brakes (front only), Ron Davis Racing Radiator with remote E switch. New Bell Exhaust with resonators. New clutch. Overdrive and gearbox have been rebuilt/serviced. New servo, clutch and brake master cylinders. New (2020) Vred 185/15 tires with less than 1500 miles
California car with no rust. A very solid and comfortable car. Its a wonderful automobile. Numbers matching (except for new gearbox), but autobox is available too.
time to get this to someone that likes to drive…90mph at 3000rpm in overdrive

Contact and I will forward any photos

Asking price: $56,500 USD but willing to discuss

San Rafael California

Contact information: Mark Verwiel: 415 599-6270 (text ok), or email at mverwiel@wm.com

Cost of shipping (if selling):

Willing to ship worldwide? I suppose. but can discuss

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Looks like a really nice car! I really like the idea of 4 speed w/ factory overdrive in place of the 5 speed conversion. One of the advantages of the 2+2.
Good luck with the sale.

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Lucky I’m…

  • broke
  • many miles away! Good-Looking car, and the only E Type I’d ever consider owning again.

All it needs is aircon…… this looks to be good value

I’d I’d give up my 66 E coupe and 61 mk2 project for this! Too bad it’s too far from me.

I’d happily drive it to to you to swap for the coupe alone.

It’s in peices now. Needed clutch brakes and suspension rebuilt. I have all the parts but making little progress.

Perhaps we should talk.

As crazy as it sounds I enjoy the process of working on these cars, and bringing them back , as much if not more than actually driving them.


Mark, if you really want to sell your E, have you considered putting it on bring a trailer. I have both bought and sold there and it’s an excellent process. Perfect for a really nice car like yours… And it only costs you $99 if I recall correctly. I’d be willing to guide you through the process if you’re interested.

Sellers can get a “Bring a Trailer” premium, because the selling process is very transparent.


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Thanks for the note Robert.

I have given that some thought and I would really appreciate any insights on the process. This forum has been so good to me over the years as this is my third etype. So, I guess I was just giving people here a first crack at it before going the BAT route. I saw a white Etype 2+2 not long ago (Harvey Ferris’ I believe) go for a handsome sum which I’d be thrilled with. But first things first……

Perhaps we should talk. Thanks so much.




By all means. Feel free to call me at (925) 286-8738

I’m around almost all the time.

Mark ….I too find it’s alll about the process of the rebuild and getting it right!..… I love it….I love driving them too

I too solder on…my wife and I have restored 2 E’s of which one is a '69 2+2 with laycock overdrive ($60k firm firm). And finishing up our 3rd E with 2 more to go.
We enjoy the restos…getting them “right”.
Mitch and Vicki

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Tssssh, three E type’s restoring? Can not believe it, but you have help from your wife, my wife doesn’t do anything to help. Restoring e type series one, now. Have to change the engine, bomber, to a big 4.2 Liter engine.
So the winter is comming and I wil be in the garage for a long time, maybe sleep too, there.

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I am blown away! You do such beautiful and precision work. My brand new one did not look that good.

Is this 2+2"still available?

Indeed it is.

I still like your car. I still catch myself drooling over it.

Welp, it could be your’s.