[CANCELLED] Hockey Stick “blade” - Crash Rail Cantrail component


Description: The pic is of the hockey stick or cantrail that goes above the windows and down the A-pillar.
Asking price (if selling):

Location: western North Carolina

Contact information: Scot Thompson best to PM me

Cost of shipping (if selling):

Willing to ship worldwide?

The one on my car is made of two pieces riveted together at the top of the A-pillar. In the first pic the one on the top is complete the one on bottom is missing the “blade”. In the 2nd pic, the one on the right is complete and the one on the left is missing it’s “blade”.

It is the left side blade I am looking for.

The car when these were manufactured in two pieces was made in March 1962. That was before the May 1962 changes to the hatch, fuel door, and the hockey stick I believe. Even thought they were two pieces, the vinyl is one piece.

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I’ll look in my stash. Don’t think I have one, but I’ll confirm it.

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Sorry I do not. I have a under dash aluminum peice.

I think I might have a set

Well thanks for looking Tim.

I haven’t sorted out my under dash pieces yet. I believe I only have one aluminum piece. But my interior kit from Aldridge may have prefinished piece out of plastic. I’ll keep you in mind if I come up short.

You don’t have an E-type anymore?

Ok, Thanks! I do not have an E-type anymore. It needed more love than I can afford. I sold it to a member on here last August. I kept the Mk2 project though.

Boy do I relate to that! My latest engine problem requiring a total rebuild (of a rebuilt motor) is killing me!
My son has a 3.8 Mk2 waiting to be restored. He was going to sell me the engine so I could have a spare, but it’s been sitting for 5 years now so I doubt he’ll get to it in his lifetime. He wants to lump it!

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Lordy be! I found my original!!