[CANCELLED] MK2 Steel sump (oil pan) FOUND

Description: wanted steel pil pan for my 1961 3.8 MK2 project.

Asking price (if selling):


Contact information: Private message

Cost of shipping (if selling):

Willing to ship worldwide?

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@Jeff_Schroeder … any lying about?

No sir, sorry! - All are spoken for

I might have one for you. Pics later.

Thank you! I’ll await your reply.

This sump came with a 3.8 engine I bought, I believe this sump should not fit a XK150?. Would this repaired sump fit your needs? I‘m on the lookout for an XK150 sump (and WP), the one that came with this engine I believe is not correct fot the XK150. More pics of the repair in later post, only 5 at a time:

Here pics that somewhat show the repair, the only pics I have atm. Should not be hard to get rid of the rather crude welded repair…

Is the one you‘re looking for?

Sure looks like it. I’ll send Private message.

you may want to consider throwing a later model XJ6 pan on it, thats what I did on my Mk1…JS

Somebody speak now before I toss it out… I have one of those sumps, for the shipping.

An xj sump? I would take it. I had one I tossed a year ago and now kicking myself.

I PMed you… Contact me and we’ll figure it out.

I believe Clive is helping me out with steel pan.
Thank you all!

No need for the XJ6 pan, then?

Still would be interested. I have a second 3.8 engine with no oil pan.

Still looking for steel pan. If you make me an offer please only do so If you will follow through.