[CANCELLED] Tool kit wanted for 1989 XJ12 Vanden Plas

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Description: Searching for an excellent condition original tool kit and case for 1989 XJ12 Vanden Plas.

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Contact information: Donald cell 917 855 5400

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I have the OEM toolkit/case from my 89 Canadian spec v12 VDP (since totalled, long story) that I will sell. I also have the OEM first aid kit that came with the car. I’m not sure the USA spec cars came with this kit if you’re into concours. Email me for photo’s.

Hi Digby, thanks for responding to my ad, please send pics of the tool kit. This should work, my XJ is also Canadian spec. Best regards, Don

Will do later today

Don you may also be interested in my spare v12vdp wood burl dashboard and door inserts I used while my original dashboard was being refurbished

Please let me know the asking price for the tool kit. Thank you.

Sorry to butt in on this, but I have an ongoing interest in original Jaguar Tool Kits, and have written a number of model specific guides…, but so far not on Series 3 XJ6/ XJ12

  1. Question 1, is it definite Canadian XJs , including S3 actually received any tool kit at all, given the Candian market was by then very much considered part of the overall North American market, with everything mostly standardized to USA regulatory and market requirements. I am pretty sure all USA XJs, indeed anything after 1968 Model Year cars (so from Series 1 XJ, Series 2 E-type and later) did not get any tool kit at all, but just its Wheel Changing Equipment (Jack, wheel brace etc).
  2. Having said that, certainly all Series 3 XJs (and Daimler equivalents) sold new to all other markets other than North America still did get full Tool Kits on this attaché style case, but the contents did evolve in detail over the Series 3 1979 to Dec 1992 period of manufacture, but the contents for themselves varied for 6 cylinder XJ6 cars, compared with 12 cylinder XJ12/XJS cars, having a different spanner for changing the spark plugs… The pictured Tool Kit shows the Spark Plug Spanner ( a single-hexagon box or tube spanner) painted black at the very top/centre of the tool kit, that was supplied only for six cylinder XJ6 Series 3 cars.
    12 cylinder Series 3 XJ12 and same age XJS received a different tool kit/sparking plug tool as per below photo…

    Note the complex tool now for the Sparking plugs with its articulated hexagon socket (with the Union Jack sticker on it - usually missing), but otherwise age for age all other tools are the same, the tyre gauge is in a different position given the impact of the larger spark plug tool, noting some of the actual tools do vary according to age - note the different tyre gauges , and often the pliers and screwdriver (bit not in this case)

If I have the Canadian market situation wrong, I would love to be corrected, and indeed if the USA situation was different from what I believe, would also love to be updated…

I have a 1987 Canadian Vanden Plas (V12). It’s not standardized much with USA… obviously no V12 in USA to start with. An 87 XJS has air injection, the 87 Canadian V12 does not. The car appears to only have two catalytic converters instead of USA V12 XJS that have four. Canadian cars also have full size 7” outer headlights. So I disagree that everything was mostly standardized to USA regulatory and market requirements.

As for the tool it… When I bought the car it did have a first aid kit in the rear arm rest. The DPO told me he added the toolkit. Not sure if it was because it never had one.

Great car. Fast too.

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Thanks for that - you can’t beat local knowledge for USA/Canadian idiosyncrasies…, I have a good feel for all the USA issues/mods for E-types, including V12, but nothing much later…

I’ll include the tool kit, medical kit and the leather sunglasses case for $100 + shipping. If you’ll email me a prepaid shipping label I’ll drop off at the UPS store asap. You can send me a personal check.
Digby Preston
4410 Gibraltar Dr.
Reno, NV 89509

Digby, ok sounds good, thank you. Can I pay you electronically using Zelle? Otherwise I can mail a check. I will figure out how to get a UPS label.

Personal check would be better. I’ll wait for the label.

Please see attached UPS shipping label. Let me know if this works ok when you drop it off at UPS. And then I’ll mail the check to your home.

Thank you, Donald
Cell 917 855 5400

Tool Kit.pdf (136 KB)

I’ll send the stuff tomorrow.

Ok great. Thanks