Cant believe I did this....Mk1 windshield

OK, was in the shop using an air wrench and accidentally turned it on and a socket flew across the room…you guessed it smashed the windshield of my 57’ Mk1… Is Pilkington the only supplier? Sounds like it will take 10 weeks, shipping from England and who knows how much $$…anyone have a used one they do not need? Thanks, Jeff S. Atlanta, GA

Try Jaguar Heaven in California
Pat H

Was is a front original Triplex ? How did it crack - into a million pieces all at once or like a securit - with plastic inbetween ?

My 1963 Mk2 has toughened screen (the original million pieces type). My 1962 E Type has a laminated screen (also original, cracks). Be interested to know if you could get a Mk1 with a laminated screen? Paul.

Will try and take a picture later today…first guess, its a laminated windshield. JS