Can't find LNA 6292 AA (and BA) in the parts catalogue

Today a colleague dumped two Jaguar clocks on my desk.

He found them in the scrap box. How they got there I have yet to find out. They were designed and built in the UK, and I don’t think we had anything to do with them here in Germany.

Anyhow, my X300 has a different clock and I can’t find the 6292 part number in the parts catalogue. Just the 6290 wich is installed in my car.

So the question is, wich cars were the LNA 6292 AA and BA clocks for?


USA clock. The picture is exactly like the clock in my 1995 and 1997 XJ6VP. There is A 99% chance the clock does NOT work. If it does, I would be interested!


Do the US cars not have head light leveling?
I am pretty sure it will work. It is a master part from production and was never installed in a car. I am just not sure how it ended up in our scrap box, as far as I know we never had anything to do with the Jaguar clock. Not sure it is clever to sell stuff from the scrap box though. I might get into trouble.

D’oh. How could this take me so long, 6290 is the facia including the clock, 6292 is just the clock.

Archives again!!!’

There is a lot on the lcd clocks in the Archives, main cause of failure is the conductive tape that is used to connect the display module to the PCB.
It’s expensive buying a roll but you could buy lengths on eBay for a few £’s.

Hi Neil,

I didn’t know about the self adhesive tape. Seems like an easy fix. Do you have any experience of how long that fix will last?
I have a couple of the original ribbon cables (left overs from production), but the glue is heat activated and the tooling for that is long gone, so I would have to build something myself.


Akspeedo do a soldering iron T-bar adaptor for a fiver to apply the heat needed