Car died, needs engine?

I have a 2015 XF with 82,000 miles on it. It lost power on the freeway and local shop says it needs a new engine. It won’t turn over, not even the gear shift will pop up. Of course it’s out of warranty and I didn’t purchase an extended one. Multiple codes came up when diagnostics were run. My local dealership didn’t offer any help. Anyone else have this happen?

I Jerry. Thanks for the welcome and your response. I think I will take your advise and get a second opinion. I was not given a specific reason, just that it would cost another $800 to find out.

To echo others… you need a second opinion.

Where are you located? There may be a fellow lister nearby, who can help.

Hi Paul. I am in the Houston, Texas area. Your help is appreciated!

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@John_Walker, you know that area: any suggestions?

I knew it 8 years ago.

I assume you too it to a Jaguar dealership and they charged you $800 to tell you the engine needs replacing. Did they tell you specifically what’s wrong? I’d think for $800 they owe you more than “you need a new engine”. IMO, they owe you a detailed report of what they found.

You might try at 8101 Hempstead Road (I-10 Washington exit). In my limited dealings with them years ago I found them fair and honest.

I never dealt with these guys but I understood they are pretty good too:

John, I took it to my local mechanic and they told me this for $135. Thanks for the Motor Car suggestion. I called and they don’t have one. My second opinion local shop is calling around for me.

I am going thru this issue now.

The defective plastic parts fail, then dump the coolant in minutes, the car overheats, the alum engine warps and you need a new engine.

It is a well know issue involving the plastic components attached to the aluminum block… My jag dealership had no clue either that this defect occurs every 4+ years.

There are plastic parts, the water pump, thermostat, hoses connectiions and this heater pipe that will fail along their plastic seam or at the mounting the engine over time.

The Jag Reddit forum, pretty much laughed at me for trusting the experience of the Jag dealer’s mechanic.

I am sharing what I have gathered about what happened to my 2016 XFS.
The V6 3.0 has more room to replace the heater pipe that sits under the dashboard. One could sit n the engne and replace it without having to remove the engne to access it.
I have not yet gathered a total cost to do this recurring issue. I was told possibly $2k USD to replace the plastic with after market aluminum.

For now I was offered $2,620.00 from Co-Part, a Salvage Yard.
Ebay, Facebook Market Place & Craigslist hve not been succesful due to scammers.

The best reman engines seem to come from Patriot with warning to stay away from other online reman engine vendors. $12.5k USD is there price online.
Used engine dealers show odom mileage …but you will never know that you actually recieved that particular engine unless you see it removed from the car and have it loaded in your truck.

It would be nice to have a class action suit against Jaguar. Perhap that would motivate change?

In he meanwhile I cannot sell mine unless it has an engine.

Labor to replace the engine seems to be 20-24 hours. The new metal parts, plugs and fluids at $2K USD. $6k USD for labor is my highest labor quote. The highest out the door price with a reman engine is $21K USD.
The lowest $ on a used engine is $5K.

if anyone knows an experience Jag mechanic in Dallas please let me know.

Hi Jennifer,
What did you end up doing to fix the car.? I am in Dallas and need all the advice I can get on mine too. Mine has 78 k miles on a 2016 xfs