Car only runs on full choke

This is a Mk2 3.4 sedan, 1966. Will only run on full choke. When choke is deactivated, the engine quits running. The car has been idle for about a year. Gas level was low, so added some fresh gas.

I’d check that the floats are moving freely and not stuck.

Sounds like a vacuum leak. Brake booster?

If it’s been standing I’d strip the carb down and give it a good clean. The old petrol may have evaporated and gummed it up

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You can check for vacuum leaks by spraying carburetor cleaner on suspected spots. If the engine changes RPM then you found a leak. Be sure to check all vacuum hoses.

Run BG44K at least once a year. Its not snake oil and is available on Ebay by the case for about $15 a can. It removes all sludge in mowers, scooters and cars. Keep it off of your hands and paintwork.


Easy to check, use a clamping pliers to block off the line to the booster.