Car show graphics, do you show anything?

I just had this made for car shows. - Yea, I’m putting the cart before the horse a bit.

Do you do anything to give context to your car at shows?

I prop this in the seat when I show the TC Special.

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More or less what I made for Tweety: I like giving viewers a bit of story, at shows.

Because I have a Fixed Head, I have a Champion spark plugs magazine advert about the Montlhery 7 days and nights at 100 mph, and a picture of Al Keller winning a Nascar Grand National race in a 120 FHC, which was the last Nascar event at which foreign cars were allowed.

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Well!! This is fun!

Spot the 1200 Datsun(s)?


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I like to display various old advertisements in order to provide information to onlookers who may have some interest, and to hopefully also attract young people to the car hobby.

Anyhow, I thought it would be good to display the ads at a convenient height to read the text.
Here are a few pics of a stand which holds various sizes of framed ads up off the ground.
Here it is in use

The stand comprises a vertical rod which can be stuck into the ground, with an easel type holder at its top end. Near the bottom of the rod is a horizontal plate which can be used to stomp the rod into the ground with your foot.

The holder has two fixed jaws, and one moveable jaw which is slideably adjustable, to hold different widths of ads. A threaded piece with a little handle forms a setscrew to hold the moveable jaw in place.

The stand ended up being too long to fit in my 140, so I ended up cutting the rod in half and welding a nut and cut-off bolt to the rod halves, so the rod halves can be screwed together and separated when needed.

The stand can’t be used on concrete surfaces though.
If you like to try to make things by bending and welding metal, this is a fun project to make.


I had this poster made for my rare 1951 MGTD that was made in Germany.

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WOW. That’s yours…

Quite a car.

NO paint? how cum?
i knew an old Italien guy who came over from Italy, he was great at taking out dents in car bodies,mudguards!
he rarely painted much just a heavy coat of thick motor oil, and owners(my dad) would oil them every so often(mid WW2 )!

pic of a jag , been settin for yrs, in back of shop, finally just maybe he will get working on it?

saw one of these at a car show. I really like the roll up function. it works like an old projector screen. ( assuming most of us are old enough to remember those !! )

it says on bottom right, although a quick search seems to indicate they are .net now

Bob F

Caution must be exercised and brevity embraced when authoring such a display. I have found that even my TC’s placard is a bit too long for the average show goer to sit through. A ‘so many cars, too little time’ problem.

I blew up the XK120 ad because I’m pretty sure someone much better at marketing than I wrote it for a short attention span mammal such as ourselves. And even then it will certainly be barely noticed by some, to their loss.

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Agreed: big letters, and limit it to 200 words.


It may interest you to know that back in the early fifties ('52?) James L. Cook Motors of Toronto, Canada (the dealer who sold my XK120 DHC to it’s first owner) entered a Mk V sedan for local stock car driver Norm Brioux to race at an event at the Canadian National Exhibition grounds in Toronto. From the start the car lost ground and made several pit stops before the Cook Motors mechanics diagnosed a distributor problem, They sent Brioux back out while they went and got a new distributor from the dealership! Once fitted apparently Brioux, by now far behind in the 300 mile race, drove superbly and, in a race that featured Lee Petty, hauled himself back up to 10th place at the finish. One wonders what he might have done had the original distributor not let him down.

I also have a vague memory of a Jaguar Mk VII winning a NASCAR (Grand National) stock car race in Toronto, but cannot unearth the source from my library where I read it.


Fun stuff, eh?
Here’s Al Keller.

The Mark V didn’t have a big presence on the tracks, but one driven by Cecil Vard did finish 3rd in the 1951 Monte Carlo Rally.
Mark V pictures 136
The Mark VII did better, very popular in saloon racing in Britain.

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