Caravan/Trailer wiring harness accessory? 1990 XJ40

Just a wild question but has anyone heard of the factory accessory trailer/caravan wiring harness/module set up? Probably long since no longer supplied (NLS) even in the UK where caravans were more likely to be towed by the XJ40. How exactly do these work with the car’s lighting system? I am reluctant to even thing about tapping into the ultra complex XJ40 electrical system with its bulb failure modules, etc.

There was one sitting around a few years ago I looked at getting it but it turned out to be L/h I think. Not sure why that would be but I didn’t go through with the purchase.
I ended up tapping into the wiring and making up a set of relays, worked out ok and no problem with the BFM.

If this means left hand as in left hand drive, I’m not sure what difference there would be in left hand drive and right hand drive as far as the lighting circuit would be. Where did you see this item. Part number? Thanks.

Sorry John, this was quite a few years ago and the part was in the UK, one of the (then) members on the forum looked at it for me as the vendor didn’t ship to NZ

Some years ago Welsh had one in stock. Although it’s been quite some time that elapsed they might have it. Not a big seller in all probability. I went and stabbed into the taillights.

Thanks, Larry, I will contact them.