Carb v12 heated air intake flaps

Is it worth the effort of fettling the hot air flap thingos on the air cleaners? Mine are not connected (although the vacuum motors work if i suck on the tubes and spring back correctly). Haven’t tested the sensors.

I’m not aware of any problems running unheated air.

They help warm the engine faster, but also warm the carburettors and atomise the fuel better.
Don’t think it’s a problem running without them, but why? They do help and Jaguar spent good money to put them in.

Hi Aristedes- as i said (or at least implied), my flap system isn’t working. I suspect it’s a matter of fiddling/fettling. The flap motors seem to work when tested, but are not connected. The sensors are of unknown condition

Assuming the hoses aren’t perished, then the AC Delco sensors are either not connected, are faulty, or aren’t calibrated. They are all that sits between manifold vacuum and the flap motors.

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Thanks Marek-
I understand the anatomy, but what i am wondering is if it is worth the trouble of getting that system working again, or if it is satisfactory to leave it on cold intake only

The objective was to provide a more constant air temperature. That means your car stays more in tune, rather than drift about. Fuel injected cars achieve this by having an air temperature sensor and a table and compensate the amount of fuel to inject based around that. Carburettored cars have to adopt self adjusting schemes to stay in tune.

If you can make it work, keep it.

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