Carrier inner control arm brackets

I’m looking for a set of 3 degree inner lower control arm brackets. These are the brackets that set the pinion angle at 3 degrees. If I find them I will have a set of 6 degree (xke) brackets and a set of 0 degree 3.8S brackets for sale. Please contact me if you can help.

Nemesis67 —Newbie to the site plus picking up on an old unanswered thread—so my chances are dim. But thus far my numerous attempts to research how to change the pinion angle on JAG IRS (XJ with original cage) have netted blanks or confusion. Any info would be much appreciated.

Currently my pinion sits at 0 degrees but I need 6 degrees to match the engine’s downward slope.

What parts are necessary to lift the nose the differential up to 6 degrees without disturbing the angle of the lower control arms (which are currently parallel to the ground)?