Cast numbers in SS engineblock

Can you see on the castnumbers on a SS block for what model it was used or in what year it was cast? Is ther an overview on those numbers?
I am not talking about the engine number, but the numbers in the casting!

I don’t recall this subject coming up before on this forum.

The only casting number I see on mine is 46007, which is listed in the 2-1/2 Litre Spare Parts Catalogue as being the block for engines L1 to L1050.

Mine is L205 and I have no reason to doubt it being the original engine in my car.
I am not aware of any casting date as such.

For 3-1/2 Litre the blocks are:

Thanks Rob,
I found a casting with 44354, guess this is an earlier casting?? Could be for an early 2.5liter??
Then thinking those numbers you have are listed in a sparepart catalog. Are these casting numbers the same as blocks original installed??

44354 seems to be a 2-1/2L from a '37 model.
I don’t know what the differences would be.

I think there was a difference in the block height but I can’t quite remember.


Thanks for the info. It looks like one can extract the castnumber from the sparepart list. Is there a seperate spare part list for the 2.5 liter SS100 prior to the 49XXX chassisnumbers, or is the list for all 2.5 liters used?
Think the change in engine height (6.4 mm) was in august 1936, so the 37 blocks were already increased in height.