Center the rack

So I need to center my steering wheel to the rack, which one of these do I use to center it, I can use the back of a drill bit for this.

The allen screw next to the label. Remove and find the notch on the shaft for the center.

When did this all change? On my '83, there was a zerk fitting in the middle of that adjuster, and you had to remove the zerk and fit a drill bit in there to center the rack. I don’t even recognize that rack.

I think that is the later ZF rack Kirby. Not sure what year the change was made but was certainly in the 90’s.

Jaguar switched to ZF racks around 1992. The car in question is a 1995.

My 86 XJ12 has exaxtly the same rack.

My 86 XJS has the earlier rack.