Chance to buy a XJ12 1977(4k miles)

Hey there guys,
I am completely new here but Ive read some topics and really like the thorough answers.
Now, I’ve been looking for a car to work on, I have had an old car which will be gone in a few weeks. I replaced quite a few parts of the old car.

I did some reading on the Jag XJ12, and saw it needs (quite a lot of) maintenance. What do I need to think of like intervals of oil change, coolant change e.g. If this is done prooperly and on time, will it still have a lot of problems, and what kind? Some things I can and will try to fix, but I dont think Im experienced enough to fix everything

Thanks in advance for helping!

This is the car, it does show rust on underside, do I need to inspect it or you guys already say its a no-no?

So after lookinv better at the pictures, I already see a lot of rust. Especially on the underside of the hood, that thing might be completely rusted. I will look for another car then… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Ruben, rust is bad. If you can find a decent injected V12 with most things working, you won’t have too much to fix, and changing the fluids is easy. Just make sure it doesn’t overheat, no upcoming brake jobs, and ideally working AC. Almost everything else is manageable I think. Mileage might in fact be less of a problem.
You can see the rust under the vinyl roof and the paint looks dull as well, and there are parts missing… keep looking! There are good ones to be found.
Regularly driven is a positive aspect as well, and make sure they are not visibly modified in any way. Pete Crespin wrote a buying advice too, but you probably found all the important aspects on the forum by now.
Good luck,

Hi Ruben,

To add to David, rust on bonnet is because of that coat of thick under-seal they have put in, there is rust under the vinyl roof and a patch at the rear left arch…The underside looks like it’s only surface rust.
I see no signs of rust around the windshields, a positive sign.
Never the less, this car sure needs a lot of TLC…
Is the engine working ?
The interior doesn’t look that great either and it’s the second most difficult part to rebuild.

It all depends on how deep you want to dive… and how perfect a restoration you want.
The interior will need complete strip down and reconditioning, as well, regardless, the Fuel system, all Suspension parts, Brakes, Cooling and A/C.

4.000 euros is not much for a complete SII V12, but I would strongly suggest that you get a car that, at least, has a running engine and working transmission. It will be a good base to start.
The rule of thumb is: get the best example you can find and you will save much more than you’ve paid.

A well sorted V12 needs as much maintenance as any other old car.


In 1978 I was looking for a new xj6 and xj12, I decided on the 6 after I saw
the cramped engine bay.
After so many years I’m glad I decided on the 6, I worked on many components
on the 6, and nothing was that I could not handle.
Have 138K miles on mine and every thing works on it and still enjoy driving
it. My car has no rust anywhere.